Dr. Ray, ND MS 

Healthy skin goes beyond the notion of physical beauty or aging. Our skin health offers insight into our internal bodily function and is often an early vital sign of hidden changes occurring within the body. To help you learn what to look for in your skin health, we’ve listed five important signs of healthy skin. 

Below are the ABC’s to remember for healthy skin:

• Appears well-hydrated. Healthy skin should feel soft and moisturized when you touch it. The skin barrier should be intact without dryness/flaking, broken or cracked skin, and irritation. 

• Blemish free.Healthy skin has a smooth and consistent texture. Generally, it should be free and clear of bumps, sores, acne, and rough texture. Of course, beauty marks, freckles and birthmarks are normal and part of your shine.

• ​Clean, natural glow. Clean healthy skin has a natural radiance and reflects light. There is little to no redness, dullness, and dark spots or shadows.​​

• Durable.Healthy skin can withstand various environmental conditions and regulate itself. Healthy skin should also feel good and be resistant to regular itching, burning, and other recurring odd or uncomfortable sensations. ​​

• Even skin tone.Healthy skin generally appears consistent in complexion and tone, however, it’s natural to experience mild changes with sun exposure and aging. ​​

Additionally, having a daily skincare routine can help manage and support healthy skin. Rae Wellness offers several options to help your skin look and feel its best, inside and out, at any age. Try Rae’s Skin Renew Drops to support skin hydration and barrier. Rae Complexion supports your natural skin glow and tone. Rae Vegan Collagen Boost is excellent for maintaining healthy skin elasticity and durability. Remember to wear sunscreen and protective clothing to limit sun damage.